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The Uncharted Territory of Self-Love

Do you know what beauty lies beyond self-destruction?

To my sisters of hope and quandary,

I am grateful for your beautiful presence in my world. With an understanding of your deep inquiry for meaning and purpose in life, I want to begin this note with encouragement for your continued exploration. In the moments when you feel the most unbearable pain and tortuous discomfort, keep going, for you will arrive on the other side to taste the sweetest, indescribable nectar of life. Savor the glimpses of joy as bread crumbs along your trail. No, not as a means to retrace your steps when you are frightened, but as an opportunity to enjoy moments of self-reassurance and personal nourishment while you navigate the peaks and valleys of your personal evolution.

Your journey must be kept close to your heart - the experience can be shared with only a select few. Before understanding how to protect your secrets, energy vampires manipulated you to spill your guts. Their thinking? That confession of your being 'a bad girl' would set you free from their discomfort and judgement. What they will never understand is the feeling of betrayal you experienced. Deep down you know that professing your personal truth only helped solidify your determination to break free from the restraints of cultural and contextual expectations.

Each day, the uniqueness that sets you apart from others frees you. This is applauded now, and a tribe of strong women stand around you giving the nod of approval to be the woman you were meant to be. In time, you will be pressured to admit your perceived faults but your response will be much different as you daily acquire new knowledge to apply to these manipulative situations. Your strength is building and the expression of your needs is more direct to those who respect and love you and more witty with those who still believe they own you.

On your quest, remember only the wise can offer support and guidance; but understand, this does not mean they will chart your course for you. Instead, you must continue to develop the inner compass of truth, light, and honor that will lead you on your way. The personal journey to develop self is through unchartered territory, and it goes without saying that only the bravest of souls can pave the way. Let this be your inspiration to model and move the spirit of other girls and women to follow your lead.

As dysfunctional capitulations have driven the habits and patterns of your life, it is time to end the sabotage and torment. Eliminate daunting tasks and chores that exhaust you as you exclusively serve and care for others. Turn the routines that bring value to your life into rituals that ripen the fruitful love of self-expression and personal truth. The ancestral intelligence within your bones is waiting to be discovered; tune in and bathe in the bottomless reservoir of wisdom and protection.

Sister, though the path be daunting and frightful at times, always remember that your guides stay with you night and day in body and in spirit. Become keenly aware of their presence around you and in you to seek comfort from their loving arms when you feel you aren't worth loving yourself. In moments of victory, realize you have embodied ethereal strength and courage from the realm of heavenly goddesses that precede our walk.

Until we speak again, know that your sister in moxie adores you.


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