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Do the Impossible

A critical component of empowerment often overlooked ... agency.

The past few months were spent developing my mentorship model focused on women’s empowerment.

On this journey myself, I was fascinated by the stories shared by women around the world who contributed to my work through in-depth interviews.

I noticed that the level of adversity women had faced, regardless of experience, was reflected in the depth of victimhood consciousness and personal power they live out.

By this I mean to say, women who identified adversity as an opportunity to grow, noted that while there were many influences outside of their control, the most important factor in growth was developing their own power.

On the other hand, women who identified empowerment as a gift from external sources tended to live more in a mentality of victimhood.

We can control our inner worlds even if the world around us appears as chaotic and frenzied.

Ironically, when empowerment is embodied rather than dreamed, the chaos and frenzy is suddenly seen differently.

While still challenging and frustrating, intuition and wisdom begin to present insights that inform solutions.

Go inward, even if it feels like there is no hope. Here you will find your strength.

Grab hold of the spirit of curiosity and strength and set your intentions to action.

Do the impossible.


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