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Focus On Your Future

How are challenges and disruptions identified?

“The future depends on what you do today.” - Mahatma Gandhi

By design, all intricate parts of an organization and system are aligned to actualize its purpose and meaning. The structure defines the roles within which it functions successfully, providing clarity of job requirements and expectations. Everyone knows the job they have to do. When the fluidity of operation is interrupted, progress is altered. By identifying those disruptions, whether they are internal or external challenges, proper solutions can be developed.

It is possible to protect your mission while strategizing necessary changes. It is possible to feel revitalized and re-energized while promoting or restoring purpose and productivity. Fostering collaboration in decision making and action among individuals, organizations, or communities is the key, nourishing ownership in the intended outcomes. Sweet Water Revival has the tools and methods to help you think, talk, and work together, creating specific plans for your future.   

A method we have used with great success is the Technology of Participation (ToP). It aims to bring consensus on where the group or organization currently is, why it is where it is, where it would like to be, and what those involved will do together to help them get where they need to go. The Participatory Strategic Planning process (PSP) is a consensus-building approach. It is most effective when all organizational stakeholders are involved or represented. Great weight is given to naming those things altering progress. It takes courage to see things as they are, with no excuses, explanations, or judgements. Each participant brings their expertise and passion to the table, and open discussions provide breakthrough discoveries.

Each person’s view is a unique perspective on a larger reality. If I can look out through your view and you through mine, we will each see something we might not have seen alone. - Peter Senge

This process gives each person a voice in the discussions. Each voice represents an integral part of the organization, and speaks from the perception their position provides. The Gestalt perception, “The whole is different from the sum of its parts” offers clarity that each person’s voice is necessary. By hearing each person we see the many parts, but visualize the whole operation. The whole is not one part; it is different, and takes on its own identity. It is within that illuminated identity the future can be envisioned.

Knowing who would be most helpful in developing the focus for your future, consider this process as a shared vision of what you want and where you want to go.

Stay tuned for the mechanics of this process.

Blog written in collaboration with Scriptive Essentials.


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