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Womanhood in Leadership Learning

Connecting through a shared commitment for empowerment.

What to Expect...

6 Group Peer-Learning Sessions
1 Private Session on Building Personal Resilience
2 Stress & Wellbeing Assessments (Pre & Post)
8 Customized Meditations
8 Reflective Journals


Session 1

Sense-Making in Adversity
During the most difficult times on our journey, we are required to learn new ways to face challenges and make sense of the world from a different perspective. In this session we will explore our thinking process when we navigate chaos with personal truth instead of expectations and embody the patience, courage, and faith required to jump into the joy of leadership as a woman.

Session 2

Healing Our Wounds
On the path of leadership, there are moments of aloneness and pain as well as times of partnership and joy. From an early age, we learn to speak fluently through wounds we have experienced in order to survive. If we want to make the shift from survival leadership to thriving contexts of inspiration, we must heal our wounds with antidotes to speak a new language as leaders.

Session 3

Values & Boundaries
Leadership identity, character development, and cultivation of personal truth. In this session we will explore ways that we succumb to our vices as old wounds trigger us into default mode by seeking distraction rather than enacting a rich personal value system that keeps us grounded firmly on a new path of excellence, discipline, and success. We invite you to leave the merit model and live your destiny.

Session 4

Honoring Our Journeys
Storytelling has become a necessity in leadership and community or consumer engagement. Deep within storytelling, we discover the importance of psycholinguistics, the coding and symbol of words, and lessons from writers. Additionally, beyond body language, we will explore biosemiotics and your presence as an inspirational leader.

Session 5

Enacting New Visions
In womanhood, by connecting our intuition and logic, we can harvest untapped wisdom and creativity that guides our design of new solutions to complex issues. When we do what we say, practice integrity, and commit to visionary action, we become leaders with the foresight and courage to facilitate innovation through problem solving skills that are equitable and inclusive.

Session 6

Cultivating Deeper Awareness
Ethnographic observation is a unique skill that offers leaders a way to understand organizational and community culture (and its evolution) with neutrality through a disciplined practice of listening and observing. In this session, you will learn to change the unwritten rules of culture and society that suppress our visions, perpetuating the status quo rather than creating solutions to meet needs that allow us and our communities to thrive.
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