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My Journey

From Farm Girl To Global Visionary

Hi, I am Samantha.

I am leadership cultivator guiding girls and young women to become natural born leaders. I am a 2016 Minnesota Teacher of the Year with a Master's in Educational Leadership centered in mindfulness-based teaching and learning to inform educational system change. My approach to leadership and learning offers hands-on experiences for girls and women to develop selfhood for self-leadership, sisterhood for healthy relationships, and leaderhood to inspire change in the world around us. Every workshop, retreat, and lesson that I design incorporates whole person wellbeing, cultural mindbody science, and interfaith spiritual practices. From a farm in rural America, I am a small-town girl with a world-wide vision to transform leadership development and personal empowerment for next generation Femme leaders from every corner of the globe.
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My job is unique.

My mission is to help young women design their own unique personal ecosystems by rewriting society’s unwritten rules and cultural expectations so they can unleash their skills as natural born leaders. I aim to be a voice of truth, honor, and freedom and an unwavering, vibrant source of hope, courage and change that will empower our future young women leaders to discover a new way to lead, influence and thrive using the powers of biological science, epigenetics, whole body wellness and the power of story to transform their world.

The world is in need.

We live in a very different world from yesterday.  Where fear of the unknown, disconnected leadership and a lack of trust are, unfortunately, prevalent voices in the minds of many.  It’s no wonder that the future of our communities is filled with angst and trepidation. How do we even begin to create a groundswell of change when the unwritten rules of our societal system, cultural belief system and educational system have not changed in over a century?
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It's quite simple.

As we think about the future of our next generation young women leaders, the status quo needs a new voice. It’s time to stop seeking out and start looking within to create new models of leadership that are rooted in foundations other than assumptive narratives and limiting beliefs.  What if we actually looked at personal  ecosystems rather than societal systems to give rise to a growing leadership movement for girls and women? 

It matters!

To all of the young women out there looking for something more and to my future leaders standing beside me, this is our time. I speak your language; I feel your struggles and I hear your stories. I too, have been there myself, more than you know.  Changing the leadership paradigm for women is hard, it’s rewarding, it’s necessary, and it’s a gift. And it’s also the most pivotal time in our modern history to shape who we become and how we make our mark on this world by removing the cultural norms and societal expectations that hold us back. Patterns and cycles are about to be broken, accountability and intentional action are paving the way and collective wellness, faith and community are inspiring us as we rewrite those new rules.
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Embrace the journey.

We are overcomers and trailblazers with a rebel yell on a bold mission.

At our core, we are rising, we are emerging and we are unstoppable.

This is about cultivating leadership, unearthing our greatness and planting the seeds of a new movement led by natural born leadership.

Now rise. Go change your world.