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Womanhood in Leadership Learning

Womanhood in Leadership Learning



This is a virtual community intentionally designed for leadership development where everyday femme leaders can freely express their emotions, challenges, and dreams to solve problems around culture change and social innovation. Unique content and mindbody techniques facilitate natural self-discovery and leadership development that affords women in leadership greater joy, balance, opportunity, and meaning in life and work. In our private group, we explore the different ways we are being called to inspire and organize the world in new ways to lead positive change, meaningful impact, personal healing, and collective resilience.



As a member of this learning community, you will embrace the vulnerability of self and acceptance of others by growing self-awareness, empower your true self by accessing untapped internal strength and resilience to thrive, and enact self-caring commitments and authentic relationships with other women leaders. 



The experience includes group learning where session topics are informed by each participants' lived experiences, opportunities to exchange  stories, transformational practices, solutions to challenges as women leaders, and mindbody techniques that surface insights to guide you beyond emotional blocks.



  • 6 Group Sessions
  • 2 Private Stress & Wellbeing Assessments (Pre & Post Program)
  • 1 Private Personal Resilience Building Session
  • 8 Customized Meditations
  • 8 Reflective Journal Guides



  • Sense-Making in Adversity
  • Healing Our Wounds
  • Values & Boundaries
  • Honoring Our Journeys
  • Enacting New Visions
  • Cultivating Deeper Awareness
  • Building Personal Resilience


***NOTE: All sessions will be hosted on Zoom from 7:45-9:15AM CST on the first and third Friday of the month.

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