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GROW: Customized Life Coaching

GROW: Customized Life Coaching


The mind, body, and soul store messages and symbols of unwritten rules from our family, school, community, faith organizations, and society over a lifetime. As they are learned and used in daily life without question, we see the benefits of survival based on cultural norms and societal expectations for a while. However, when we choose to step onto our own path of self-discovery and personal growth we find that many, if not all, of these rules are outdated, disallowing any opportunity to thrive in life based on our personal needs.


Session Includes

  1. Coaching: Private, customized session (90 minutes on Zoom)
  2. Tools: Mindfulness Techniques, Mindful Movement, Letting Go Strategies


These processes all work to release emotional blocks, address underlying wounds, and build personal strength to live a healthier life.

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