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LEGACY: Farm Succession Coordination

LEGACY: Farm Succession Coordination


Samantha and her husband David are certified IFTN Farm Succession Coordinators that guide farm owners to smoothly handoff their business assets and legacy to a successor generation.


Rather than competing with other professional service providers such as lawyers and CPA’s, they work directly with farm owners to coordinate daily tasks and navigate family dynamics associated with your succession plan.


Together with the Ultimate Ag team, farm owners clearly articulate the history of their farm, assess the current status of their farm, and identify where to upgrade farm management practices and farm equipment in order to propel their farm into a successful future for generations yet to come.


1. Primary Consultation: Our training as certified succession coordinators allows us to define the ways in which we can hone in on the areas of need in your succession plan and present solutions to bridge those gaps.


2. Farm Assessment: From our own family farm backgrounds, we start by proposing the strengths and opportunities for growth in your succession plan through simple and practical ideas. 


3. Action Plan: Once we understand the culture and operations of your farm, we take you through a series of activities to develop a step-by-step plan of action to ensure daily tasks and milestones are achieved in a timely manner.


4. Coaching & Project Management: If your operation wishes, we will stay alongside you as coaches and advisors to support improvements and efficiencies to the operation, leadership development, and additional business consulting.


5. Debrief & Reflect: If you desire, we will begin and conclude our services at your farm, walking with you through the site, sitting with you for a family style dinner, and spending quality time learning how you wish to see your legacy endure.

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