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Window Panes of Heaven
  • Window Panes of Heaven


    Working on this quilt, the imagery that surfaced spoke of nature and weather - the mist, rain, fog, sunshine, sparkling stars - that ultimately lead us to the Great Beyond. Let this quilt embrace you on your journey for protection and reassurance of your strength.


    The fabric used on the front and back of this quilt is batik, my favorite. Batik is a special process of using melted wax as a resist on fabric. The wax may be painted on a white or colored fabric using a canting, a brush, or a stamp. The fabric is then dyed, and the areas that have been waxed will not be penetrated by the dye.


    A quilt is a hybrid. It is more than a blanket, not an applique, but rather a work of puzzling art, crafted by hand with the elegance of geometric mystery and science of precision.


    Although this quilt can fit a twin sized bed, it was designed to be a lap quilt, used to provide comfort on your favorite chair. All of my work is hand-sewn and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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