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The Best Time for New Beginnings is Now

Moving from a Simplified View of the Process into a Course of Action

Every sunrise brings opportunities for personal satisfaction, often measured as the accomplishment of tasks or experiencing positive interpersonal relationships. Adulthood was kicked off with purpose and passion, whether designed as a solo entrepreneurship, enriched by marriage and family, or as an integral part of a larger enterprise - a business, organization, or corporation. Every morning offers a fresh outlook toward your purpose. Beginnings are filled with excitement and drive, powering your steps in the direction you have chosen.

The strength of your original vision, or the mission statement of your organization, is sustainable through successes and setbacks. Over time, however, fulfilling daily duties tends to take precedence. We are all expected to do our job, whatever that job may be… Mom of three with an at-home business, Marketing Manager, CEO, or line worker with dreams of moving up. Daily excitement for that vision tames, and we settle into our roles and daily tasks. The need to grow and change is not noticed until the pinch of discontentment is felt, or the push from outside influences is recognized. It is then that we take notice. Is my valued company suffering? Are the calamities of uncertainty, apathy, or misunderstanding present? If so, how can I turn that around?

As imperceptible and gradual as the need for growth and change set in, implementing a renewed, inspiring, and consensual direction becomes the challenge. What do I want? What is this company capable of achieving? How can we create a renewed vision? What should happen in five years? And, what got in the way of smooth sailing operations, or brought discontentment into the present, anyway?

The best way to establish a course for change is to help create it. You, and those striving for success with you, are the best candidates to analyze the history and identify the elements within your structure creating cohesion, profits, and results. What may seem like a daunting task in an already stressed environment can be simplified with our help. I will guide the development of planning solutions that include the diverse thought and voice of your team and stakeholders.

“Rather than trying to explain or teach what is needed, the facilitator attends to the process of change. To facilitate is to elicit, sustain, and enhance change. To facilitate a meeting is to let go of controlling others toward predefined results and help them accomplish what they want.” - Jim Rough, Dynamic of Facilitation

Refining your vision, redefining your purpose, or realigning your direction, creates a fresh restart.

A new beginning awaits!

Questions to provoke honest thought and answers:

Have I lost sight of projected future demands in this ever-changing world?

Have I reached an impasse?

What changes will enrich me and my organization?

What will my newspaper headline say in five years?

Blog written in collaboration with Scriptive Essentials.


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