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Finding Alignment with Self

"I think it's out of alignment!"

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that alignment of the mind, body, and soul must come before one can experience strength or flexibility. It's funny to me that growing up I learned from American culture that strength and flexibility are the most important.

The pain, discomfort, misery, and frustration that comes along with a kink in the back or neck can sometimes be unbearable.

Through a lot of mistakes, failures, and beautiful imperfections, wisdom has begun to surface in my life. This wisdom, gleaned through insights and lessons learned along my journey help me creatively establish powerful terrains for healing and wellbeing.

But I don't remember anyone ever talking about alignment. I mean, other than needing to see the chiropractor for an adjustment to realign the back.  And that's just it. The metaphor for the rest of life. Like our spine and other joints, misalignment of purpose and meaning, conflation of role with identity, suppression of emotions, and misinterpretation of expression leads to a lot of pain, discomfort, and suffering.

As my MindBody practice develops and my journey unfolds, I am finally at a point in my life where I can giggle when things get rough. Usually in these moments, I am able to pause, breathe, and recognize how I have prioritized a fear over hope or expectation over intention.

Fear is a low vibrating emotion that decreases immune, endocrine, and overall biological health. It is fed and grows rapidly when additional emotions and actions like judgement, criticism, and doubt join in company. But to starve fear, we simply decrease its space. Squash it out with joy; actions and thoughts that are honoring, loyal, and ensure self-caring commitments.

Expectations are ideals and checklists placed on one person by another person or a group. These actions and standards are dishonoring and disempowering when we don't have say in the creation and implementation of the expectations. To flip that energy and regain our power, intentions must replace the expectations to ensure that meaning and purpose are at the forefront of our day-to-day living.

Ultimately though, this positive and healing life still cannot be achieved if life is without alignment of the physical body, the cognitive mind, and the spiritual soul or essence. Self-discovery and self-development aid in this process and help us recognize that grace and kindness given in consistent self-devotion is the only state of being in which we can successfully live in the quest of alignment.

Each time we learn a new lesson or experience a new breakthrough, alignment is achieved. Naturally, strength is built as our personal power and confidence increases. And our minds open to greater possibilities; we become more flexible.

I invite you to ponder alignment in your life.

What moments standout most as breakthroughs? Where have you felt the greatest pain? Where have you experienced awe or bliss? What values continue to emerge as you grow? What title would you give your personal journey of development?


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