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The letting go process takes so many unique forms. In recent years, my curiosity led me to practices in self-development and spiritual growth from every corner of the world that span time and some even claim dimensions of reality. Moments of profound revelation follow each exploration with wisdom and insight that takes me another step closer to home, to my personal truth.

Do you know why you are here? What are you doing in this lifetime? In this moment, what brought you to my writing? Did we connect for just a moment, or are we here on parallel paths for a longer period of time together? Perhaps this is a new union or a reunion from another time. Regardless, each connection and each moment offers a lesson to grow deeper within ourselves and more expansively outside of ourselves.

Force, control, and pressure are three consistent elements that I aim to reduce in my life as I become a better version of myself each day. Take some time to reflect with Alexis Ffrench. With each exhale, let go of thoughts running through your mind, emotions cascading through your body, and to-do lists burying you in obligation.

What holds you back?

When you let go, what do you notice about the body, mind, and spirit?

What do you want more of in life?

Go get it, Love!

If ever you feel scared, alone, or defeated .... exhale.


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