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Empowered Women: Skipping the Corporate Ladder

Let’s start by deconstructing the men’s world without hating them.

The corporate ladder is a male invention.

As you climb you gain power, in many cases, at the expense of your identity.

Why do you think cardiovascular disease is so prevalent in men?

Now that you’re beginning to get my point, let’s talk about how women can be empowered in the workplace wearing elegantly designed business attire and skipping the climb to Dante’s Inferno.

First, identify the power of your womanhood.

Who are your female mentors?

How do they inspire you?

What is unique about them that separates them from the prototype of male power?

As you explore these questions, you will find…

Personal excellence that is begging you to be shared with the world.

But remember, this inquiry is explored in the terrain of compassion rather than the curse of envy and resentment.

Such is the path of the goddess...


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