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Disengaging from Fear

Find the Key to Release Chains of Limited Health, Wealth, and Love

Fear. Fear of speaking up. Fear of being put down again. Seeing myself as a woman, already marginalized because I am a woman. That fear made me feel victimized.

Disempowered. Disempowered because I am a woman. That persuasive thought made me believe I was a victim. Did I feel sorry for myself, sorry that I was a victim? Did this feeling provoke anger, the righteous anger toward those who violated my innocence and goodwill?

ENOUGH. I stood up! I spoke up! I actually had to express what I saw. I saw myself and the woman that I am. It took me standing up and speaking my truth, stepping up first in my mind, and then in truth to myself.

"I have truly moved beyond my victimization.

I do not think of myself as a victim. I don’t think of myself as a survivor.

I think of myself as someone who through forgiveness

has healed her soul and body and moved on to help other people."

Stephanie Davis

I rejoice that I and so many women have broken free from the labels and the masks and are becoming who we were born to be. Moving beyond collective consciousness to introspection, exploring our innate wisdom and strength inherited from our ancestral womanhood continues to be my passionate study.

Every woman can receive the rewards of relief, healing, steadfastness in our selves, the child-like spirit, and the joy of womanhood. She can generate the confidence, resilience, and beauty of being the woman she is. If we want change in the world, we must do the work...

Changing our vision to the version of the woman we truly believe we are. Tis the path of the goddess in the terrain of compassion.

"Forgive yourself for not knowing what

you didn’t know before you learned it."

Maya Angelou

Victimhood requires healing from aggressions that targeted you. It may have manifested as the denial of justifiable anger, and most likely acted out as pain used to manipulate others. Emotional wounds give permission for outside adversities to disempower you. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, give yourself room to feel sorrow for yourself in a terrain of embraced worthiness.

Recognizing and healing emotional pain lays the foundation to finally celebrating the discovery of your strengths and worthiness. Every woman has the resilience to heal and thrive. This is the pathway of my work, my passion to help women rise to their worthiness, celebrating their empowerment of self.

It would be my honor to guide you and walk with you in your journey.

"Forgive yourself, you are not perfect.

Show yourself grace; you are still learning.

Show yourself patience; you are on a journey."

Inspired Truth with Shannon Yvette Tanner


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