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Intentional Transformation

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

As I look forward into my future, I feel sparks of excitement.

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”   Raymond Lindquist

The framework of my future is my design, carefully constructed by my own creative thought and knowledge, trusting that my skills and energy will drive this plan to fruition. I dream, visualize, design, and execute. I trust my decisions, always formulating for change.

As you look forward into your future and/or the future of your organization, I welcome the opportunity to share ideas that will propel your movement forward. The ToP plan is a process I use to guide you through, utilizing any or all of the methods within our tool kit, including discussion methods, workshop methods, and action planning methods.

"The skilled facilitator makes each session hum with creative energy, enabling team members to make intuitive leaps and develop clear images. These fresh, insightful images will lead to solid decisions, plans, and commitment to action." - Laura Spencer, Winning Through Participation

Everyone’s input is solicited with the discussion methods. Objective data is moved to decisions by means of reflection on experiences, analyzing data, talking through problems, and accomplishing other purposes as needed. The workshop method brings everyone’s wisdom into a culminated understanding by generating creative ideas. This is one of our core tools, using both rational and intuitive approaches in order to build group consensus. The action planning method begins with the anticipated result and essentially works backward, ending with a comprehensive plan and assignments for the task at hand. This is an excellent tool to use for short-term project planning or stalled project completion.

Your time investment can be modified according to your circumstances, but generally these methods are a four-step process commonly carried out from 30 minutes to two days. This process is most appropriate when an individual or group is looking to change directions, launch a new adventure, or identify and work through particular issues preventing progress. It is also built upon the mission and core values of the organization. Participants should be willing to contribute during the process, and also exercise confidence and trust in it.

As the process begins, Step 1 maps out the practical vision of the group’s future.  What end result(s) do you want to see? Step 2 then analyzes the underlying contradictions. What will prevent our vision from being realized? Step 3 continues with strategic directions. What bold, innovative actions will meet and align those contradictions identified in Step 2 into directions? Once those directions are clarified, the group moves forward in the implementation phase, a detailed 90-day launch plan with a one-year implementation timeline. Groups who engage with this process are left with clarity of their mission and plan.

As you look toward your future:    

  • What advancements would serve your or your organization?

  • What fresh, insightful ideas would you contribute to the future of your commitments?  

Blog written in collaboration with Scriptive Essentials.


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