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A Simplified View of My Planning & Design Process

Organizations and systems are formed with an exuberance of purpose, set in motion with energetic vibrations within its founders, enhanced by its workforce, to attain specific goals and achievements.  

Focus for a moment on your organization, please. Is its core culture still intact? Are you facing influences to change? Are you curious how best to move forward and strengthen your organization while making necessary changes? We are here to walk you through this clarifying process.

Imagine a room filled with your organizational members, or a representative volunteer crew. They are gathered in groups around tables upon which fidget tools are placed. Large white pieces of blank paper decorate the walls, ready to receive colorful Post-it Notes. As facilitators, we define your organization’s desired direction, and begin brainstorming on the journey and its challenges.

Imagine each step on the journey and each presented challenge given an allocated time for discussion. Imagine each person’s voice being heard and all voices afforded the same weight; all ideas given clarity through discussion, and consensus attained.

We help direct your conversations through guiding questions. Ideas spark ideas, and fresh thought processes are born. The fidget tools remind us of a time when we were young and playful, when our minds were sponges taking in all things new, open to the formation of innovative ideas.

Through reflection, brainstorming, and planning, we are here to help you establish your future path.

Here’s how to get going with your team:

  1. Bring together 5-7 diverse thinkers

  2. Define a powerful thought question that is 7-10 words in length

  3. Ask the group to individually brainstorm 8 ideas to answer the question

  4. Come together and merge lists for a total of 35-45 ideas

  5. Cluster those ideas in 4-6 groups and tag with creative names

Get feedback from the rest of your team or begin implementation of the new plan.

Blog written in collaboration with Scriptive Essentials.


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