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Leadership Cultivation

Guiding young women to activate the natural born leader within.

Inspire the world through your intuitive insights, personal power, and individual freedom.

Next Generation Leaders

Harvest the untapped, natural resources within you.

Start Your Journey Here

Begin from wherever you are, based on your needs and vision for life.
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My Approach

Experiential Development

We cultivate it.

Empowered Agency

We own it.

Vulnerable Justice

We share it.

Thriving Culture

We live it.

Learning Experiences With Me Take Many Forms

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Personal & Group Coaching

This is a unique approach to a group mentoring experience that gathers the most driven young women who are looking to discover the power of their inner voice and vision as a means of developing strong self-leadership, not just through skills development, but also through story, relationships and personal power to standout and be heard.

Imagine change.

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Leadership Design & Training

An organizational leadership program for young women to become powerful leaders, using organizational ethnography, human-centered design, and experiential approaches to professional development. Incorporate all of your secret sauces into one offer that focuses on radical personal transformation from the inside out.

Catalyze change.

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Lessons on Self-Leadership

The ultimate leadership retreat and workshop series for young women looking to transform their inner and outer worlds.  Here they dive deep into development, agency, justice and culture building power by designing their own ecosystem in immersive introspection, sharing of visions and missions, plus storytelling.

Be the change.